Is Office 365 Killing the Intranet?

Is Office 365 Killing the Intranet?

With over one billion users worldwide, Microsoft Office is undoubtedly the most used software around the globe. Half of these users reportedly use Microsoft Office 365, a cloud option which can be used for creating a collaborative ecosystem in the workplace. Yammer, SP 2013, and Outlook are embedded in MS Office 365 making it a great tool for building corporate relationships in an organization. With that in mind, all you can ask yourself is; is intranet really necessary if I have Office 365?

One thing that we should remind ourselves is the purpose of the intranet. Often than not, we tend to narrow down the functionality of intranet systems to the primary tools used in sharing files while leaving the most crucial functionality – creating an ambient social environment for building work culture. Microsoft Office 365 has been engineered to enable you to manage documents efficiently with Yammer and SharePoint giving your highly stratified workforce an opportunity to create group projects and participate in microblogging.

But all we’ve ever wanted is a platform where everything can be done in one place without the use of multiple apps. We zealously require a system that allows us to manage files and interact with ease. And amazingly, fusing salient intranet software together with Office 365 adoption will create synergies that will enable teams to network, conjoin projects, develop workplace culture and share ideas.

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MS Office 365 is a cloud-based system that supports regular updates thus enabling it to accommodate new technologies. It presents users with lots of features at their disposal allowing them to search for documents, share them, create news, schedule tasks and find experts with the same interests. Microsoft Office 365 is simply a corporate hub that forms the centerpiece of interactions in a company.

Managers are in constant search for an integrated platform that can be used anywhere by anyone. This system should be scalable, offer ultimate security to company’s communications, and it should be cost-effective. When your communications and interactions are carried out in the cloud, it means that you do not incur in hardware maintenance costs. Office 365 adoption offers ultimate cloud storage and backup system thus making it easier to recover data whenever you need it.

The most fundamental aspect of MS Office 365 is that it helps in building a community that is connected through the ropes of shared objectives and common interests. Geographically stratified experts can create and work on projects without meeting physically. It encourages employees working on RFPs or CSRs as well as groups such as sports groups which helps in developing the culture of the business. Microsoft Office 365 core structure enables event teams to connect and create virtual conferences and training programs while Yammer and SharePoint allow the units to maintain the human aspect of these interactions.

So, Office 365 adoption is not in any way killing the intranet, but on the contrary, it makes it more powerful. Realizing the full impact of Office 365 means working together with a reliable social intranet vendor. LS Intranet Office 365 gives you the chance to build robust and resilient intranet system. Chat with us, and we’ll guide you through the process of incorporating this tool into your office.

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