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LS Intranet Introduces a Worthy Live Tiles Alternative as an Indispensable Corporate Solution


The LS Intranet option is one that is easily installed and activated, within 3 days which already puts it ahead of alternative software. What makes it even better is how easily the Live Tiles alternative can be customized and all tools necessary are available to you in one place.

Will this Fit your Business?

The Live Tiles alternative is one that has been designed to accommodate both medium-sized and larger enterprises. While to many it may seem that managing both scales of business is a similar task, the truth is that there are quite a few differences between how the two must be organized to be efficient.


The LS intranet software that is a Live Tiles alternative is also friendly to your wallet. The price comparison data collected shows that with the LS intranet, your business can save up to a whopping $1812 a year. Per month, the LS Intranet option is only $599.

Live Tiles
$9000/ year
LS Intranet (Enterprise)
$10788/ year

How it Works

The Live Tiles alternative even offers more features than the LS Intranet that allows greater efficiency and makes it easier to handle and deal with numerous issues that may arise in the workplace. Some of the helpful features exclusive to LS Intranet are the Map, Employee Spotlight, Birthdays and Idea Management Tools.

Feature Live Tiles LS Intranet
Workflow Management + +
Calendar + +
Microsites + +
People Directory + +
Yammer + +
Task Manager + +
Quick Search + +
Mobile Responsiveness + +
News + +
Slider + +
Responsive design + +
Smart Reports + +
Office 365 Integration + +
Jobs +
Social Tools
(mentioning, comments, likes and sharing)
Blogs +
Surveys +
Employee Spotlight +
Idea Management +
Birthdays +
Map +
Multilanguage support +
File Share +
Lists & Libraries +

After it is first launched, it is possible to make use of his whole rounded processing function to download, share and save files and data on the intranet portal. Not only is this easy, but it only takes 30 minutes to create any form from scratch with the templates on the portal and execute the project without having to leave your desk. All stages of the creation are simplified and notifications are provided to all individuals along with task assignments.

The Live Tiles Alternative as a Social Platform

With features that allow workers to collaborate and work as a team, the Intranet portal becomes an important social platform in the business dynamics of the workplace. Even publishing the website and managing posts on blogs and other social media outlets can be done from the safe place with one of the numerous tools that we provide. Reacting to posts with likes, comments and tagging are also possible.


From the information provided above, it becomes clear that the LS Intranet can be easily customized to fit the needs of unique businesses. Workers can be united using this powerful intranet portal to make your output that much better by catering to specific audiences and providing the best quality work. The LS Intranet is a useful alternative that has regular updates and provides room for improvement at a better rate.

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