Intranet Alternative

LS Intranet as a Desirable Akumina/InterChange Alternative

An Option other than Akumina

While picking an intranet provider, the costs are of great concern when making decisions. Akumina as InterChange provider prices starts at $600. This is however not the case with the LS Intranet software, the use of which can lead to savings of at least $1212 every year.

Shopping on a Budget

In accordance with the information provided above, if you are on a budget but are looking for software that provides all the benefits that the Akumina InterChange offers such as platforms where information, colleagues, and technology are all interconnected, the LS Intranet solution is worth another look.

Offerings of the LS Intranet Solution

With our software, an atmosphere is created where technological knowledge and skills aid collaboration and team discussions. It is possible to create a workplace online by adding colleagues to a group discussion so that individuals can come together as one and work on a common goal. With almost all the features that the Akumina software provides such as Calendars, Smart Reports, and People Directories the business organization is made easier at a better price.

Feature Akumina/InterChange LS Intranet
Workflow Management + +
Smart Reports + +
People Directory + +
File Share + +
Lists & Libraries + +
News Feed + +
Blog + +
Advanced Search + +
Slider + +
Responsive design + +
Calendar + +
Yammer + +
Social Tools (mentions, news, notifications, comments and likes) + +
Office 365 integration + +
Mobile Responsiveness + +
Microsites +
Surveys +
Jobs +
Birthdays +
Task Management +
Maps +
Idea Management +
Employee Spotlight +

Communication with the Akumina InterChange Alternative

As the Akumina InterChange Alternative is equipped with the latest technology, managing workflow and launching new widgets is made easier. The LS Intranet solution is easy to use and allows electronic reports to be generated regarding worker output. This not only saves time and energy but is also better for the environment as less paper is wasted.

Akumina InterChange Alternative/LS Task Management

The LS Task Management that the alternative offers is very efficient. The terms and deadlines of various projects can be set and uploaded for every worker to be notified by email. Most of all, the workflow is transparent and discrepancies can be spotted and fixed almost immediately.


The Akumina InterChange alternative provides a package of endless nifty tools such as Idea Management, Rewards, and Survey that make it easier to organize the workplace and motivate workers to be efficient at the same time. All this is available to you at a cheaper price with our Akumina InterChange alternative so that you too can communicate with your fellow workers in a practical manner at the workplace.

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