best intranet software

Settling for the Best Intranet Software

Today, we’re not going to discuss if you should develop your intranet system or go for a cloud-based platform where a third party undertakes system upgrades, configurations, and updates. We’ll instead focus on how you can filter out bogus intranet software companies and go for the most promising ones. Note that what is ideal for [...] Read more
best collaboration tools

Ways in Which SharePoint is Fostering Cooperation Among Workforce Teams

The subject about the imperativeness of establishing an intranet platform for connecting teams working in different offices and jurisdictions has been with us for a while. Microsoft introduced SharePoint, and it has proven to be one of the best collaboration tools one can find in the market today. The best part of this workplace interaction [...] Read more
SharePoint intranet features

Best Bets for Achieving a Vibrant SharePoint Intranet

SharePoint has stood the test of time, and in fact, it is one of the earlier forms of collaboration tools within the workplace that continue to rule the industry. It had a slow growth for a couple of years until its renaissance when they released SharePoint 2016 which comes with both workplace management and collaboration [...] Read more
intranet development

New Approach to Intranet Development

There is no ‘one fits all’ model for developing intranets as developers have to engineer new designs and techniques to meet the customer’s demands. The development cycle starts from the analysis stage, through prototype stage to testing and implementation stage. Often, the cycle is full of caprices as technologies may change along the way, and [...] Read more
intranet providers

Which SaaS Tenancy is More Powerful Single or Multi-Tenant Architecture?

Even with years of constructive debates, the tech industry has never agreed on which SaaS tenancy system is robust and applicable across a spectrum of businesses. A multi-tenant architecture means that a single software serves several groups of customers while a single-tenant system represents a design whereby a single software serves one customer. Multi-tenancy architecture [...] Read more
6 Lessons to Learn From Firing Your Top Developer

6 Lessons to Learn From Firing Your Top Developer

Some lessons are best learned from other people’s experiences, and with the positive responses that this story has elicited, it is best that we highlight it as well. Recently was published a notorious article entitled "We fired the most talented employee. It's the best decision we've ever made." It has obtained so many positive responses [...] Read more
office 365 intranet template

Why We Recommend Leveraging SharePoint Intranet Templates for any Organization

As a way of ensuring that users utilize SharePoint services on the go, Microsoft introduced a series of templates that give admins leeway to creating team and communication sites effortlessly. These Office 365 intranet templates facilitate users with a guiding framework that form the pillar of developing sites. Any modification you make will be reflected [...] Read more
intranet portal software

Intranet, Extranet and Intranet Portals

Intranet: Backbone of Collaborative Unity An intranet is an institution's exclusive network. In other words, tinier and institution bound version of the internet. Intranet, similar to the internet, connects users: the internet connects the world together while the intranet connects an institution and its workforce together. As they comprise a common database, sharepoint intranets make a [...] Read more
intranet mail system

Understanding the Intranet Mail System

The intranet is an exclusive PC system which utilizes Internet Protocol innovation to safely part any bit of an affiliation's details, data or framework working structure inside that affiliation. It is a kind of a private system inside an association. It may have distinctive private destinations and constitute a fundamental piece of interior correspondence and [...] Read more
office 365 intranet template

Making Various Sorts of SharePoint Destinations with the Use of Layouts

Recognizing the end goal to influence a high state site or to substitute one, the kind of Office 365 SharePoint Intranet Template you use impacts it. Various types of site formats are available relying on the highlights set up by your supervisor and besides the Office 365 SharePoint Intranet or the SharePoint Server plant that […]

Read more
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