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LS Intranet Solution has Proven to be the Best Igloo Intranet Alternative

There are a lot of things that need to be taken into account if you are to actively improve your own digital workplace. We, in fact, tend to stay on top of the current trends and we also take into account the progression of our direct competitors.

We aim to ensure that the demands of our clients are properly matched. This is why we’ve created the best Igloo Intranet Alternative which represents a multi-featured LS Intranet software. Let’s see the commercial part first:

month/500 users
$36000/ year
LS Intranet (Enterprise)
month/500 users
$10788/ year

It is easy to calculate that on the contrary to Igloo price, with LS Intranet solution, you will save at least $30,012 each year!

If there is one thing which attests that this is a great Igloo intranet alternative is the fact that Yammer integration is fully supported. Thanks to this particularly popular social network, you could easily get in touch with friends and colleagues. You can also easily share the information on a topic and have a convenient discussion.

Being a rather prominent Igloo intranet alternative, the product is going to bring a Power BI or a Smart Reports Tools. This is going to ensure that you gain insightful and powerful information regarding the performance of your online enterprise portal.

As a convenient Igloo intranet alternative, this is also going to enable you to properly control or monitor the performance of different tasks by your employees. This is going to spare a tremendous amount of working hours, which would otherwise be spent on a paper-based tracking system instead of a convenient and tech-savvy automated software.

What is more, there is a brand new gamification option called Idea Management. This will enable you to get brand new ideas from your co-workers quickly and easily.

The features and opportunities which LS Intranet solution can provide as a worthy Igloo alternative are endless, please, find out most of them below:

Feature Igloo LS Intranet
Surveys + +
Microsites + +
People Directory + +
File Share + +
Lists & Libraries + +
Blogs + +
Quick Search + +
Mobile Responsiveness + +
News Feed + +
Calendar + +
Multilanguage Support + +
Office 365 integration + +
Social Tools (mentioning, comments, likes and sharings) + +
Branding Tool + +
Slider + +
Yammer +
Workflow Management +
Smart Reports +
Idea Management +
Employee Spotlight +
Birthdays +
Map +
Jobs +

It’s quite obvious that this could provide you with an array of different options and it could really be a great alternative to Igloo. It’s also quite a lot cheaper in comparison. You shouldn’t hesitate to give us a call if you want to take advantage of this particularly accessible and easy to use solution. Having the right set of tools to properly control your own enterprise is undoubtedly a prerequisite to successful business so make sure to have it in mind.

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