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Enhancing Microsoft SharePoint Social Features with Yammer

With internal social collaboration becoming more of a necessity than trade-off in most enterprises, managers with SharePoint on-premise systems are concerned with the social features available on Yammer intranet. Many argue that Microsoft acquired Yammer to eliminate it as a threat to its SharePoint 2013 and not because that the tech giant had revolutionary innovations that would take Yammer to an all new level. However, over time, we have seen the changes Yammer has brought to Office 365. Let’s have a look on how Yammer Intranet promotes collaboration in businesses.

An Overview: Yammer Intranet and SP 2013 Social

Yammer intranet is a hosted application that enables enterprises to create a collaboration platform having social features such as those of Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. With this cloud-based social intranet, SMEs and SMBs can track their conversations on one platform. It is an efficient tool for sharing documents, following up on group projects and microblogging. Threaded discussions and extensive filtering enable users to follow discourses they want efficiently.

yammer intranet

Unlike SharePoint, Yammer is a social intranet that espouses an unstructured model where flexibility, ease of use and speed are fundamental. SP 2013 is useful for team level tasks and workflows carried within the Office 365 platform. Yammer acts as a standalone tool that proliferates social networking practices in organizations. Firms are fervently looking for ways of managing workforce by creating conversations around projects and documents transparently.

When Microsoft acquired Yammer back in 2013, most organizations were using on-premise SharePoint to spearhead collaborations in the workplace. Many questions were raised concerning the effectiveness of the new system and how teams can use the tools for the best benefits. Yammer social intranet functioning is considered robust as it exhibits many out of the box features that enable the workforce to interact as they do in their social media handles.

It’s important to note that Yammer intranet can effortlessly integrate with on-premise or online SharePoint installations. Users using SP 2013 Social can access Yammer without opening a new tab or logging in a different app. Through the use of APIs, Yammer can integrate seamlessly with other apps such as SAP, Zendesk, NetSuite, LS intranet, etc.

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Yammer Intranet Breakthroughs

Yammer easy-to-use social networking features allow groups to work together obviating the common hurdles that hobble decision-making processes. With groups, teams can efficiently expedite their operations without having to schedule face-to-face meetings.

You can also share files and documents easily within groups and with individuals across a myriad of devices. SP 2013 social is somewhat rigid and does not easily integrate with mobile devices.

With yammer intranet, you’ve behemoth of social features at your disposal. You can quickly create polls, blogs, newsfeeds and even edit documents in Office 365 all in one place.

If you are ready to kickoff projects with Yammer social intranet, LS Intranet offers you a unique option. It enables you to manage groups and projects via Yammer and Office 365 with ease. It comes with a taxonomy of tools to allow the workforce to interact and collaborate without having to juggle between apps and mill around departments searching for documents.

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