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 There are some standard procedures to consider when planning your new intranet homepage. Numerous clients have grasped them and made homepages that draw in and energize their workers, improving their utilization of the intranet and guaranteeing they continue returning for more. Here are some tips that will help you create an effective intranet homepage with sample intranet homepage examples.

Keeping it to the Minimal

You want your intranet homepage to have an inviting background for your employees as barraging them with an excessive number of connections or an excessive amount of data will end up overpowering and make the majority of the employees rather hop to the search bar or leave the intranet altogether.

sample intranet page

A sample intranet is the O Bee Credit Union which features their Top Dog Blog, while Gold Coast Hospital highlights new staff members on the homepage.

Engaging Your Audience

You want to make sure that your homepage is engaging with the use of vibrant colors, images, bold banners and so on so that they stay on the intranet to explore more. Using bright colors, the audience’s attention is drawn and it also has a fun look at it. A sample intranet, Verity Credit Union, uses bright colors to do so. Likewise, another sample intranet page, Homewood Health use vibrant colors at the top of its homepage, to make an inviting space for employees.

Large images are also recommended so as to draw attention towards updates and other important points. Similarly, another sample intranet page, Bonnie uses large images to attract its employees. A bold banner can also seem fun and invite the audience just like the sample intranet page of Gold Coast Hospital.

Providing Clear-Cut Navigation

While you need to keep your navigation basic, you need the employees to discover the data they require and there might be a great deal of it. One way of separating content is by utilizing both sides of quick links for the staff like some sample intranet sites do and spare the top menu for essential intranet substance.

sample intranet site

The drop-down menu navigation and Mega Menus can also be useful for including more substance without excessive real estate on your homepage. Northfield Hospital is a sample intranet site with a simple, yet effective, intranet homepage navigation.

Feedback from Employees

You can organize an anonymous online form as a recommendation box for employees to give feedbacks using the Idea Share Exchange so that they can also team up with ideas. Make sure that the feedback option is available right on the homepage. LS Intranet is a sample intranet that consists of a recommendation box picture on their homepage which connects to their online suggestion box for employees.

Whatever intranet you will choose is up to you, but We at LS Intranet are always open to help you build your perfect intranet with the easy-to-use and attractive homepage.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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