How Employee Intranets Help Fight

How Employee Intranets Help Fight Corporate Amnesia

Corporate Amnesia can be described a few different ways, but it’s essentially the loss of corporate memory or skills over time. It’s a major part of the company culture, and the phenomenon happens for many reasons. Some of those reasons are the lack of documentation, information overload, excessive downsizing, cutbacks and attrition.

When employees as a whole don’t have a clear understanding of who knows what, who does what, what the company objectives are, or where to look for help, the consequences over time can cause major damage to the bottom line of the company.

Developing an employee intranet, or even updating and revamping your current one, will play an essential role in combating corporate amnesia within your workforce.

Here are a few ways that your company intranet can be used to keep your employees engaged and aware of the company culture and objectives:

Saving your Knowledge and Data with Employee Intranet

For many reasons, it’s more important than ever to safeguard the valuable information and data that is created and used by your employees. As older workers retire, and Millennials move on to bigger and better things, it’s important that all their data isn’t leaving with them. As employees are trained and learn new skills, these intangible assets and pieces of knowledge can be kept within the organization, long after individual employees are gone.

employee intranet

While storing large amounts of data has always been problematic and expensive, the Cloud technology has really leveled the playing field for companies who wish to maintain large databases and not lose valuable insight and intel when employees move on.

For example, when an employee creates a powerful and stunning presentation for a sales call, rather than have this deleted from their personal computer if they’ve suddenly quit, it’s already been saved to the team’s project file online, and this data is now preserved for future use.

Encouraging Employees to Ask Questions

As companies grow, employees can often feel lost in the shuffle and not know where to turn when they have questions. Even with smaller teams, new employees or busy management can cause major hurdles when it comes to information gathering.

Having your own employee intranet makes all information easily accessible to everyone, at any time. Ensuring that you have quick and intuitive search functions, and comprehensive, updated data to be found, will give your employees everything they need to know at their fingertips. No one has to be shy about having a question or forgetting something — they can easily locate exactly what they need with the employee intranet, or at least determine the appropriate person or department to direct their question to.

Bringing the Departments and Projects Together

If you have multiple departments across multiple locations, how are employees supposed to know what’s happening within the organization? Is it possible that multiple teams are duplicating work, simply because they have no idea what the other teams and locations are up to?

This is a major concern for growing companies and something that can waste countless dollars if not managed. Just take a look what affordable LS employee Intranet pricing has.

employee intranet

Ensuring that all employees have easy access to information, and are updated on new projects can be extremely valuable. When you consider how many employees may work remotely, or telecommute, this becomes even more important to keep growing companies cohesive and lean. Employees can be exposed to this information without necessarily realizing it, and absorb pertinent information just from the passing information they see while accessing the employee intranet.

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Jennifer Wilder

With own employee intranet, we saved a lot of money for server – as there is no need for paying extra money at cloud-based storages and for Analytics as well. Intranets are useful for big companies, indeed.


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