Expanding Possibility: The Digital Workplace and Organizational Culture of Tomorrow

Expanding Possibility: the Digital Workplace and Organizational Culture of Tomorrow

The term digital workplace has emerged as hot topics for discussion which have driven many innovations such as corporate intranet solutions but what exactly is possible?

What are the advantages and what can be gained by moving into the digital frontier and away from the safety and conformity of the traditional office environment?

Can the digital workplace drive innovation and fuel a more dynamic organizational culture?

Digital Workplace: New Faces, New Places

In the new landscape of organizational culture, it is far more likely to encounter extremely talented, highly sophisticated, tech-savvy workers than otherwise. This landscape is being driven by the proliferation of so-called millennials who never knew a world that was not interconnected and accessible via the internet 24 hours a day.

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Increasingly these people are shaping office culture because they have access to their own high technology, they have a willingness to do work how and when they want and they are extremely likely to be drawn towards firms which support their lifestyles in addition to their professional fulfillment.

All of these considerations are leading to new approaches to work and the rise of the digital workplace space.

The New Frontier

The new digital frontier is grounded in connectivity and opportunity. It is a landscape of opportunity where accountability and empowerment from the hallmarks of organizational culture with the help of corporate intranet.

Think about your experiences on social media websites such as social media. In an online, interconnected context, your reputation matters in a profoundly interesting and perhaps new kind of way.

If you are the sort of employee who goes out of your way to see others advance and succeed, you are likely to position yourself well for growth. If you are the type who never meaningfully engages with others and tries to spirit ahead other people’s ideas as your own, you are likely to be dissatisfied with the changes to come.

Research indicates they will be massive as all firms around the world will make dramatic leaps and bounds ahead driven by the power of enterprise level solutions such as intranets which benefit collaboration and which do not promote ruthlessness in the same way the traditional open office format might have.

In these new digital spaces, collaborative mutuality will rule the day and bring cohesion to firms in radically new ways as departments and business groups from different cities and continents engage in new and exciting ways.

At this time, all of the most innovative companies are investing heavily in change management plans to address the ways organizational culture will shift in the years ahead. It is quite easy to see why. Those who have spent time analyzing modern business culture see that the trend of the digital workplace space is not a passing one so much as the elevation of a paradigm of human achievement. Any of the world’s most exciting and creative organizations are already deeply engaged with this new frontier and those who fail to see the opportunity run the risk of being left in the dust by more nimble and agile competitors.

Companies that are able to consider the way positive business-values such as communication effectiveness and employee satisfaction into apps and network designs such as corporate intranet solutions are likely to see huge advantages.

It is important to consider how to collect appropriate data collection tools to measure these areas before an app or platform is unveiled. It is better to move slowly into the new frontier than to do so carelessly.

The future tech of the office of tomorrow must be social, cloud-based and highly useful for employees daily lives, success, and fulfillment.

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The idea is not just to get people online but to get them interacting in a meaningful way which supports collaboration and innovation. The digital workplace should enhance user utility and employee satisfaction. It should be a point of separation from your competitors and something you as a leader can be exceptionally proud of.

Move Boldly into the Future with Intranet Solution

The digital workplace is not a set of rules nor is it a rigid prescription, it is a set of opportunities, which bring the best of what was working in traditional office spaces and expanding upon them. Productivity, employee satisfaction, and engagement all need to be enhanced when translated into the new digital environment. While you may not be trying to copy all of what is happening now, you want to build upon the best of what has been the core of your organizational culture.

If you can get people across your organization connecting meaningfully online, a whole new world of possibility will open up as a result. The boundaries that separated your divisions will erode and you will be able to collectively learn and share in ways that will drive new ways of solving complex and lingering problems.

While not all your employees now might be desk-bound or tied to technology, if they had access to an intranet system such as through smartphones or tablets they already own, you might be amazed at how a new LS Intranet solution focused culture will develop.

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Alex Shank

Social media future has really become at work, and it’s highly demanded to provide employee not only with social networks but as well with storage, contacts, communication channel at the only digital workplace. That’s why intranet suits our big company as well. Thanks!


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