Employee Intranet Matters

Employee Intranet Matters! The New Landscape of Connection

Employee engagement is one of the most important aspects of generating long term strategic gains and a culture of innovation which will allow your firm to remain competitive in an ever shifting landscape.

The employee intranet has emerged as one of the most important tools for driving engagement and supporting communication and collaboration across your teams.

Intranet solutions have begun to create a new landscape of connection which is helping firms of all sizes to address some issues which have emerged in the modern business landscape:

● Digital office spaces and more geographically dispersed teams

● Constant barrages of information from the personal and professional spheres of influence

● Mobile employees who increasingly work from home in self designated work flows

These new realities of the modern office landscape can pose challenges or be viewed as advantages. For the pragmatic and dynamic leader, every possible problem is just an invitation to develop a thoughtful solution.

Here are some ideas to help you see solutions in the new landscape of connection:

Things Your Employee Intranet Should Encourage:

Feeling Valued: The intranet should allow people to know their voices and ideas are recognized and valued by the rest of your team.

Feeling Empowered: The intranet adds value and makes working from home and other mobile locations easier and more fulfilling.

Fling Respected: The sharepoint intranet supports cohesion and generates innovation because your teams are able to collaborate openly, knowing their perspectives are always respected.

Strategic Employee Intranet Engagement Goals You Can Support:

1. Shared Purpose, Shared Goals

The more you can link your organization, the better. If you can get departments and divisions cheering together and congratulating each other for meeting benchmarks and going beyond expectations, you can build a community which is invested in mutual success.

employee intranet

Create a shared purpose and set of goals that are linked across your organization. Use sharepoint intranet to disseminate information and to pose new challenges and opportunities.

2. Cohesion is Community

To drive the sense of cohesion, you have to build a functional and supportive community. One of the best ways to do this is to encourage employees at all levels of your organization to frequently share insights and reflections from both their personal as well as their professional lives.

The more you can get people to share and build into the sense of cohesion, the more your organization will start to look and feel like a community. Organizational culture matters.

3. Maintain Focus

Keeping people engaged is perhaps one of the most challenging aspects of managing the modern office environment. Nonetheless, if you are able to get your employees to believe in your organization’s vision, it will be easier to keep them moving ahead in unison towards the future.

Develop ways to tell your story and fill your teams in regularly. Don’t leave you people in the dark, the more they know, the more they can direct their efforts towards assisting you.

4. Celebrate and Coach

It is essential to celebrate and coach equally. The employee intranet can be the perfect place to normalize these sorts of interactions and build upon them.

employee intranet

If employees act like rock stars celebrate them and let your organization know why they did the right thing in that situation. On the flip side, use emerging problems as moments to teach and guide your whole team.

You don’t need to single out anyone’s behavior but you can create a culture where celebrating and coaching are just a normal part of exchanging information.

5. Generate Trust, Create Opportunity

When leaders constantly show that they value good behavior and celebrate it appropriately, trust is generated and new opportunities for collaboration and innovation arise.

Use your employee intranet as place to value the efforts of your team and celebrate the best of what your firm is achieving. Coach the moments that need to be adjusted and remember that building a community may be more important than singling any one person’s, action or choice out.

The employee intranet is an opportunity, implement LS SharePoint Intranet and use it to generate an organizational culture of cohesion, trust and innovation!


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Joe McRae

Employee intranet is definitely must-have today for a lot of companies. Employee participation is work-relevant. It is easy to share news, align teams, recognize contributions and invite participation.Our coprorate life became more condifent with it.


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