business intranet collaboration tools

When managing business intranet, collaboration among coworkers is encouraged and the tools used in the establishment support this collaborative environment.

If you struggle with the partnership, here are 10 sharepoint intranet collaboration tools designed for you:

  1. Accessing Business Intranet main page

When managing any business intranet, the establishment should always set up a homepage that gives plenty of details as to where the required information is accessible. The main page provided by LS SharePoint Intranet has the option to modify it and add basic details of workers as well. This way, workers will be familiar with each other.

  1. Viewing employee index

LS SharePoint Intranet provides a tool which lets you put a worker’s index. LS SharePoint Intranet People Directory Tool provides worker details and their abilities and skills. Through this, workers can seek help if needed from the best.

  1. Updating alerts and subscriptions

Through this tool, you will be able to inform all the people in the office about any update.  You will also be alerted if somebody comments on any of your posts. Furthermore, you will automatically be reminded if you’re signed up for any classes.

  1. Organizing Business Intranet Documents

To make business intranet management less of a hassle for all, LS SharePoint Intranet provides tools which make organizing documents easy for everyone.

intranet collaboration tools

Security concerns are also fully covered and, also, documents can easily be archived or viewed.

  1. Generating E-form

For business intranet purposes you can use this tool to create your own form with your choice of design. Employees can use your form to sign up for subscriptions which make the working environment collaborative and appreciative.

  1. Prospecting contacts

Companies can provide a page with contacts that could come in handy any moment. Things like stationary, hardware store or even customer contacts are needed for business intranet management.

  1. Sharing establishment news

The LS SharePoint Intranet software also provides a News feed where you can put up news of the establishment or any other news that is trending.

business intranet

This way all your workers will be updated on current happening around the world. Furthermore, you can also bullet points for important news.

  1. Listing establishment library

Although we are still in an era where paper books are used, this library feature is one step towards the paperless era. Through LS Lists & Libraries feature, you can manage your papers and documents. Also, you will be able to look for which worker has what paper.

  1. Skimming active index

This feature makes sure that all the details regarding your staff are up to date. Along with making your business intranet management easier, it will also ensure customer satisfaction as customers will receive correct details when needed.

  1. Sorting useful statistics

To keep your business intranet up to date as well, you could use stats that are provided by LS Intranet Smart Reports Tool. This will help you decide what is being adored and what is being neglected. Accordingly, you can manage your details and files.

From the entire aforementioned tool, it is guaranteed that your business intranet will be less hectic to manage. LS SharePoint Intranet gives companies a whole new perspective on how to make business intranet efficient and proper.

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William Fitzgerald

Well-chosen tools for business intranet, especially the documentation organization is quite significant


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