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While the globe is captured into social networking (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn etc.) it’s inflexible to use all these social channels for corporate communications. As they are difficult to manage, not secure, lack important information, and cannot support geographically dispersed teams.

A single platform that will cover all those needs as being cost-effective is a key for charity & nonprofit sector.

For a great number of charity and nonprofit organizations, there never raise a question of their technical support and use of IT system innovations. As first of all, they care about indigent people, solve global problems of society or help environmental protection while pushing aside their own needs to work and help more productively, easily and quickly.

But like any other business, these sectors also need to make sure that they keep up with the changing digital world that we inhabit nowadays. Let’s see how an office intranet can greatly assist charity & nonprofits organizations to improve communications, multiple efficiencies and enhance engagement with employees and volunteers.

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Benefits of Nonprofit Intranet


Fascinated Communication between Employees and Volunteers

Software for the nonprofit organization is a colossal facilitator of communication and is especially actual for companies and board members who are in various locations or simply work remotely.

At own Intranet homepage, everyone will get all the latest news and always will be aware of which charity activities are conducted at a determined period of time.
The corporate calendar will show key events, fund-raising campaigns or closing terms for funding applications. If all the users will have this data in the only place, that will let to save a lot of time for everyone.

Data Safety

Determining the access to corporate data can be easily controlled by permission rights. In this case, intranet charity software users, be it employees, management or volunteers, have an opportunity only to see the data which they require. This eliminates the demand

for a number of hardly various copies of the same emails being sent around the company, or for the continual emails’ forwarding.

Convenient and Secure Data Sharing

The wikis, discussion forums and chats (as Yammer) and project areas within the charity software empower teamwork across the non-profit association. Thanks to the latest SSL encryption technology nonprofits can be assured about

information security and keep/share any important data (doc, .xlsx, .pdf., videos, pictures, gifs etc.) at charity accounting software.

High Level of Engagement

Intranet software for charity and non-profits will show employees and volunteers how greatly their individual contribution matters. Using interactive features such as Blogs, Surveys, messaging and so on will

enhance the levels of engagement, loyalty, and team cohesion.

Streamlined Processes

Systematize internal processes with the help of charity software. For example, booking leave, completing expenses claim or ordering stationery is by far easier when accomplishing online through Intranet Workflows

. At the same time, saved funds can be spent on frontline services.

Saving Costs for Charity

Intranet as a software for the nonprofit organization will help to reduce printing costs (namely paper copies of docs will decrease). This will help to save additional finances for beneficiaries.
Besides, office

space is always expensive for nonprofits so the opportunity for employees or volunteers to work remotely is a real benefit.

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